Osman Pazarlama

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Feb. 19, 2016 114 Min.
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Osman, is a small scale entrepreneur in a middle class neighborhood of Istanbul where he operates from a hangar transformed into an office. He dreams of getting rich through the sales of products imported from the Far East and also self invented products, thus marrying the girl he loves from the neighborhood. The biggest challenge he faces to marry the girl he is in love with is to convince the girls father that he is a successful businessman. Osman believes the only way to do this is making a big breakthrough with his company. He embarks on many adventures to sell his products, all end up in hilarious misfortunes and failures. On his journey to become rich, the only companions he has are Erkan and Songül who is the daughter of a family friend from the neighborhood. At the end of the day Osman will come to realize that wealth was never far-off.

Original title Osman Pazarlama
TMDb Rating 3.7 6 votes

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