A Modern Man

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Every Note Matters, Every Detail Counts. Perfection is More Than an Attitude. Jun. 11, 2017 Denmark 84 Min.
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Cdbc3e1d9642eeb7f9051047f955a8d8, Buying alprazolam in thailand


You could be forgiven for mistaking Charlie Siem for James Bond. Whether he’s driving an orange Porsche to his cliff-top Monaco mansion, ordering martinis or looking suave in a designer suit, he is a man on a mission. It isn’t to hunt down SPECTRE, but to find perfection in everything he does. Whether it’s performing on stage, recording albums, or selecting a suit, Charlie demands the best, of himself and others. Despite an entourage dubbed ‘Charlie’s Angels’, he’s lonesome, and complains that people can’t relate to him. Danish filmmaker Eva Mulvad, with patience and panache, delves into this life of privilege to find commonalities of ambition and desire.

Original title A Modern Man
TMDb Rating 7 1 votes

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cdbc3e1d9642eeb7f9051047f955a8d8 rating
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